Aid was created by local professionals who saw insurance companies taking advantage of their insureds. Many people involved in a car accident need help to get through the legal process. We at Aid use our expertise and contacts to help you navigate the insurance claims, laws, and paperwork that follow a personal injury. Our goal is to secure the best outcome for you while keeping your life as normal as possible so you can focus on healing without added stress.


At AID our team is trained to help you and your family receive un-bias help after an accident.
Our team can help with a multitude of tasks.

  • Helping you schedule a time to retrieve your stuff from your vehicle
  • Working with your adjusters to get you a fair settlement for your car
  • Opening a claim with your insurance company and the adverse insurance company
  • Scheduling a free consultation with an attorney
  • Scheduling a free exam with a local physician
  • Scheduling a free insurance review


Aid is a service that is provided by your tow truck company.
Your towing company provides our service to you and pays our fee.
How soon after an accident should I expect to be contacted by AID?
You should receive a call from our team within 24 hours of your accident.


How soon should I seek a physician exam after an accident? We recommend that you see a primary care physician within the 48 hours of your accident. We recommend that all passengers and drivers see a doctor for an initial exam, regardless of fault. We want our customers to know that their bodies are important not just their cars.


What if I need a rental car but the insurance company is giving me the runaround or I don’t have that coverage on my policy?
No problem AID works with local rental car companies to help provide our customers with transportation. Just to make sure to ask your accident specialist for help.
My adjuster is not giving me a fair value for my car, is there anything I can do? Yes, our team can help you negotiate a fair value.


Why do I need an attorney after an accident? Insurance companies will bank on the fact that it takes time to open claims and deal with adjusters. Hiring an attorney will allow you to just focus on your recovery and settlement. There will be no upfront cost to you to be seen by a physician. Your medical bills will be placed on an attorney lien and will not be due until your case is settled.
The other person who hit me is super nice and I don’t want to sue them. You’re not suing them, they pay for their insurance company to be there when they have an accident. You’re suing the insurance company. If the person had the money to fix your car and your body, they would most likely pay for your damages, but most people don’t have the funds to self-insure that is why they pay their premiums so that if they are in an accident their company can make you whole again.